What We Do

What We Do

by jamie garnett

Professional WEEE Management services

Through continuous developing technology waste, WEEE legislation is an essential and important criteria for modern companies to comply with.

Electrowaste bridges the gap between these waste requirements and helps companies deal with WEEE efficiently, re-marketing and recycling IT hardware to reduce landfill.

Our services span from WEEE collections, Hazardous Waste Removal and IT Recycling to Remarketing, deployment and consultation. With these resources, electrowaste have developed a streamlined asset management solution which creates lasting value for companies through effective organisation. From large corporations to small firms, our company can help create waste management strategies which solve asset management problems, complete with the necessary paperwork and documentation you need to comply with ease.

About Electrowaste

Every day we help some of the UK’s top companies with easy WEEE management and can provide consultation about how you can effectively deal with IT Waste, Company Assets and Environmental laws with our services. WEEE no longer needs to be complex, or expensive.

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We forge new relationships on generating positive cash flow from IT and helping companies with their WEEE compliance. Companies use us because we’re Fast, efficient and friendly.
Electrowaste are small but experienced. We attempt to give clients competitive offers for their IT and are flexible in our approach, bridging the gap between cost effective decisions and compliance.