How to dispose of company IT equipment?

How to dispose of company IT equipment?

by mark bonito

In today’s world, businesses use computers and IT as a primary source for storing company data.  It is crucial that you ensure you are passing your sensitive data over to a reputable company to handle your disposal and data destruction.

Failure to comply to this could put your company at risk of breaching the Data Protection Act 1998, leading to severe financial, legal and reputational consequences.  Now that the UK government has confirmed the decision to leave the EU. the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will replace the UK’s Data Protection Act.

Before passing over your decommissioned IT equipment you should assess which assets contain sensitive data and make it clear to your WEEE management company to handle these securely.   A reputable company will handle all of your equipment securely and items that may contain or have the possibilities of containing data will be separated for a sensitive data erasure process.

Disposal vs Recycle

The recycling of WEEE is a vital part of the waste and recycling industry.  As per the WEEE Directive in the UK, regulations are continuously updating preventing harmful impacts on the environment.  With this comes the associated requirements for the recovery, reuse, recycling and treatment of WEEE.

All items that contain recyclable components should be recycled and non-recyclable assets should be disposed of as per the Environmental Agencies standards and regulations.

Hazardous Waste

Many of your decommissioned IT assets contain hazardous substances that need to be handled and treated differently.  Be aware that your disposal management company will have additional costs involved in the treatment of hazardous items.

Hazardous Items include:

  •       Screens / Monitors
  •       Printers
  •       Photocopiers
  •       Toners / Cartridges
  •       Batteries
  •       UPS
  •       Mobile Phones
  •       Lightbulbs and Lamps

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