Audits and Certificates

Audits and Certificates

by jamie garnett
Paper-trails are important. They provide transparency and reassurance that checks, measures and procedures have been carried out.

What documents do you provide?

Documentation is an important part of our business and re-assures clients about our process. We believe our paper-trails provide a detailed analysis of our role, but also supply confidence that company requirements have been completed. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most common paperwork you may receive, when working with us.

WTN (Waste Transfer Note) 

Waste Transfer Notes detail the transfer of waste from one person to another. We use these to remove WEEE and they need to be signed by both parties.

Detailed Audits

Our auditing gives clients all the necessary data they require about WEEE, Assets and other technology, including Asset Tag, Serial and Model numbers.

COD (Certificate of Destruction)

This certificate gives reassurance to clients about how WEEE assets have been handled by us. We typically list all of the items held, including their processing details.

Data Erasure Certification

Where data is concerned, particularly HDD’s, SSSD’s and other media storage devices, Electrowaste offer data erasure certifications. They include information about what devices and information have been eradicated.

Remarketing Contracts

These contracts signify our contractual obligations and terms when remarketing IT assets, or purchasing. They are often tailored to each client or project to suit varying requirements.