Asset Consultation

Asset Consultation

by jamie garnett
We help our customers by quantifying the value of their physical IT assets, obtaining the best price for redundant equipment and supply which is no longer needed.

Our consultation services

Electrowaste consult companies, firms and other entities, assessing the value of their technology and advising on the best methods of WEEE removal and recycling. We help develop strategies to keep costs down and to generate money from IT hardware.  With an experienced team who understand the complexities of waste management, our end goal is always the same; maximum efficiency. Improve, Reduce and Recycle.

We look at your requirements from every angle and ensure that your WEEE complies with current criteria and legislation regarding its transfer, disposal or reuse.

From large corporate upgrades, network installations and remarketing stock, we’re able to create simple, yet effective plans, with proven results.

Key benefits of our consultation service

The main benefit to our consultancy is the ability for your company to obtain a clear overview of their physical IT, technology, it’s worth and how to deal with it effectively.

  • We can help assess what your IT assets are worth
  • Our goal is to get you the best possible price for large stock
  • We help develop a plan for removal, upgrades, company requirements
  • We provide necessary paperwork, documentation and audits
  • We can help with the logistics and speed up turn-around times.

When we assess your IT assets, we’ll provide simple to read, yet detailed WEEE documentation, Competitively priced quotes for your stock, a plan of action and certification for how your WEEE is processed, transferred and dealt with.

We deal with trusted IT refurbishers, brokers and other technology companies who look to reuse and recycle. Much of our stock is bought in wholesale so we’re able to obtain great competitive prices which match residual market value.

We’ll be able to assess what waste is classed as hazardous and non-hazardous, what can be recycled and what can’t. Our plan is to give you a clear picture of your assets, their value and how our logistical deployment and brokerage can help you save time and money through correct compliance.