by jamie garnett

Logistical deployment and planning is key to successful asset upgrades and re-fits. Speed, precision and service are all part of our streamlined approach.

What deployment do we undertake?

For large companies looking to reorganise, Electrowaste help in the transfer of IT assets. We plan ahead and implement simple strategies for companies to remove, deliver and setup new equipment, IT assets, and technology.

From day one, you’ll find us removing hardware and packaging it as necessary for transportation on the road, whether its WEEE or company hardware to be reused at another branch, our team will provide the support. Redeployment projects usually span over a number of days and we’ll assist in the transportation, delivery and setup, right up to the unpackaging and configuration on a local user desk.

Example deployment project undertaken

In Spring 2017, Electrowaste helped in the deployment of assets for a large UK financial corporation. Our firm set up a simple meeting to gather the essential requirements of the company and how they needed a quick transfer of IT assets from their offices in two of the UK’s largest cities. They had one problem: Time

We quickly decided to assign several large vehicles early the next morning, to London, where a team of 4 members began the process of prioritising the most expensive and important key IT assets which were fundamental in the companies new relocation. Using unbranded but traceable vehicles, our convoy headed to the new offices by early afternoon the same day. Upon delivery, we were tasked with company plans and layouts for the reorganisation of the technology we had co-ordinated, unpacking and delivering the units to local user desks. By closing hours the same day, Electrowaste had implemented a fast deployment ready for the in house IT team to connect their software back up overnight, in time for trading the next morning.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Timely and efficient logistics
  • Helps companies free up workload to assign to other tasks
  • Combines several tasks into one under the same company
  • Easy documentation, compliance and invoicing
  • Full on site assistance