IT Remarketing

IT Remarketing

by jamie garnett
Our goal is to get you the best possible price for your IT. We offer some of the most competitive quotes on technology prices in the UK, today.

Why Remarket your IT with us

Retaining value in your technology assets is an essential step for any proactive company. Modern tech and hardware can depreciate quickly and residual cashflow can help with upgrades, future investments and department funding.

Electrowaste offer the best prices on the market today for redundant IT, oversupply and IT hardware. Our 15 years combined experience in IT brokerage has meant our partnerships with trusted brokers and other third parties has given us a leading edge in competitive quotes on corporate technology stock.

We offer clients a 70% commission on all sales, taking a 30% final valuation fee and our offers are no-obligation, upfront and fast.

Corporate IT stock

For larger companies, we simply ask you to get in touch with us, usually with an attached spreadsheet or list. Supplying serial numbers, complete model names and quantities makes our process faster. All quotes are free and we’ll offer compliant transfer of the equipment in a timely manner, complete with full documentation and invoicing.

Key benefits of IT Remarketing
  • Upfront Cashflow from redundant IT
  • Retains residual value in stock
  • Provides money for upgrades, invesments and department funding.
  • Faster WEEE compliance through resale rather than wastage.
  • Less money further along the line.
  • Free’s up Time and Space.