WEEE Recycling

WEEE Recycling

by jamie garnett
Our goal is to get you the best possible price for your WEEE, oversupply stock and IT assets. We collect WEEE throughout the UK and are a licensed Environmental Waste Carrier.

What WEEE do we collect?

Electrowaste collect, recycle and dispose of WEEE from companies around the UK, processing it correctly to ensure that Hazardous Waste is dealt with accordingly. WEEE can be expensive to remove but our service provides a cost-effective and simple method of recycling your hardware. We collect all technology, IT equipment and redundant computing ware.

What happens next?

After collection, we document and process the WEEE equipment, auditing it and removing any physical and virtual links which could be traced back to you or your company. With Secure data destruction we destroy all hard drives and media storage that may have come with it and send you certificates and a detailed audit of what equipment you gave us.

WEEE Recycling

Key Benefits of Computer Recycling

While your company will certainly free up space, there are a lot more benefits to using our service:

  • We do all the work: (collection, paperwork, removal, auditing)
  • You’ll free up essential space and comply with WEEE legislation
  • You end up with the necessary paper trails and documentation
  • We include data destruction as standard.
  • You could profit if your equipment is remarketable and has residual value

We operate simple pricing.

Standard collections with 25 items minimum are free (without Hazardous Waste) upon request.

Large collections with Hazardous Waste cost £299.00

If you remarket equipment with us, we’ll reduce this price to £0

Laptops, Computers, PC’s, Printers, Monitors, Storage, Media, Networking gear, Servers, Server Racks, Mice, Keyboards, Cables and other IT hardware are all accepted.

We remove sundries and specialist equipment too, but you will need to inform us what we will be carrying on board, so we can separate hazardous from non-hazardous material.

When we’ve worked out collection dates you will usually receive your WEEE certificates and documentation within 7-10 working days.