Hundreds of cyber attacks on Yorkshire public services.

Hundreds of cyber attacks on Yorkshire public services.

by jamie garnett

Hundreds of successful cyber attacks have breached the security systems of Yorkshire’s hospitals, councils and universities, The Yorkshire Post reveals today.

Around 300 attacks have apparently taken place on some of the UK’s most dependant services which reveal hackers demanding ransoms and locking files and operating systems. It highlights a growing problem since the NHS attack, that many services in the UK are not updating, patching and modernizing their IT to combat the problem.

While in some cases ransomware is unavoidable, particularly, new viruses and exploits, many industry experts have pointed the blame at companies and departments who have failed to take simple measures, which could effectively prevent some of the most common and well known cases. Several NHS departments in Yorkshire were seriously exploited by the recent WannaCry ransomware attack which saw dozens of appointments and operations cancelled, leaving patient data at risk.

It’s important for companies to update their software, patch systems and provide levels of protection against data theft or leakage. Electrowaste have seen many companies in the UK removing systems which were previously windows XP, now unpatched or updated, leaving them at serious risk of data theft and exploitation. There are many businesses still using older versions of operating systems which are no longer serviced for by their parent companies.

Here at Electrowaste, we consult companies on maintaining up to date systems and removing older IT software and hardware. As an effective WEEE removal company, we bridge the gap between complex regulation and compliance with ease. In many cases we pay competitive prices for older hardware which is a great method of reinvesting it into future IT upgrades.

You can read more about these recent exploits here

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